Lots of non-mormon people don’t drink alcohol simply because they don’t like it, don’t like feeling sick or consuming extra calories, or because it’s just a great health decision to not drink. Don’t feel like you have to. Few people care if you do or don’t.

I didn’t mean anything judgmental or virtue signaling about it at all. I drink and I like it. It’s not a big thing to me and I do it full well knowing that it’s bad for me and increases my cancer risk. I do think that people generally underestimate how bad it is for you and I personally get uncomfortable and cringe a bit when I see drinking alcohol as a big public manifestation of independence from the mormonism. It’s hard for all of us to try to figure out what our motives are as we leave mormonism but I think it’s worth being introspective and not believing that it’s something everyone does and that you must do it or learn to do it as a post-mormon. I left the church a little older so maybe that’s part of why I know lots of people that just don’t care to drink anymore, never liked it and are out of the social scene where it’s a little more expected, or are more health conscious than at a younger age.

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