Lots Of Us Think Trump Is A Motherf**ker Who Should Be Impeached. Rashida Tlaib Just Said It Out Loud.

Regardless of your politics, this is not necessarily good or reason to get all fired up. Just because the Trump administration has lost all semblance of civility it does not mean that the rest of the politicians need to follow suit. Yes, there is anger against inhumane, counter-productive, and backward policies that have been implemented in the past two years, but the more dangerous thing (in my opinion at least) that has occurred in American politics is that it has become a popularity contest where outrage sells. Trump has very easily managed to lower the bar in terms of what we expect from politicians, so now instead of actually wanting to hear and read about more substantial changes that might be occurring (both at a domestic and international level), we are fired up by soundbites of one side pushing the rhetoric to more extreme levels of tactlessness. If we want to be treated like like informed voters we should just be expecting a little bit more, we don't need politicians pulling media attention using the same methods which Trump relies on.

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