Louis C.K. Drops Surprise Comedy Special For Those Who “Need To Laugh”

Every person is different. Now hear me out, some women are attracted to men with power. Shocking!

Louie is a fat, schlubby guy with no self-confidence, which is why he didn't even try to have sex, but simply asked to jack off in front of them. That's how pathetic he is.

Futhermore, do you know for a fact that he and these women never flirted before that moment (I haven't read the articles in 2 years, but would they have even mentioned that)? Maybe he thought they were interested in him. If not, if it was out of the blue, then yes, he put them in a fucked up situation by going sexual out of the blue. But in his fat, insecure mind, he probably thought it was an appropriate. I do not think for one minute that he had bad intentions to abuse his supposed power.

The main issue with Louis was the cover-up after the fact. The power moves by his manager... perhaps at the request of Louis. That's where he fucked up the most.

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