Louis CK - audio from a recent set takes shots at transgenders, Parkland survivors

I understand the concept of standup comedy. I mention Chappelle to point out that I am not just offended for the sake of offended. I've paid to see Stanhope & Louis live too.

That said, all we have is this audio. People saying that it's not good & somewhat offensive is a perfectly valid stance. Whether or not it's "polished" it's stuff he's putting into the world & if he's putting it into the world, people get to respond to it. It doesn't have to be some "outrage army" conspiracy or the world suddenly going soft. Sometimes shit just sucks.

If we're getting to the point of making excuses for it (like it's not polished, which no one can really know except Louis), then maybe we can also get to the point where we can recognize that some of the backlash has merit.

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