Louisville bank mass murderer was an anti-gunner who specifically committed the shooting to fuel gun control efforts

I don't even know what Newsmax is you dumbfuck. Mean while whatever liberal media outlets you are subscribed to are fucking you in every single orifices you have, why don't you try to stop that?

Are we just gonna forget the 93 LA riot or pretty much every violent riots before or after that were done by people from your side? Again they would not admit they were politically motivated. How about the Bernie simp that attacked the congressional baseball game in 2017? Definitely not a leftist? Or just recently the man who critically wounded Rand Paul's aid? Oh they are white politicians who don't deserve sympathies? Then what about all the ordinary Asians targeted by "not hate crimes"? Hint the overwhelming majority of these were not done by right wingers. But the leftist can do nothing wrong, burn a city, savagely beat someone to death, or loot helplessness businesses, that's all for your shitty ass cause. If these black churches, gay bars and inner city grocery stores some day disappears, that's not gonna be because of some right winger knocked it off, y'all doomed your own neighborhood with your stupidity.

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