Louisville Police Stop a Black Teen for minor traffic infraction, then pull him out of the car, put him in handcuffs and search his car. His Mom who works for the court shows up.

Wow I can’t listen to these power hungry cunts of cops. Compared to you guys, our Canadian cops are angels lol. It sucks trash like this give cops a bad name. Did you guys see how fast he tried to escalate the situation with the mother?

She approaches him calmly. “Ma’am! That’s private property you’re tresspassing!”

Instantly trying to incriminate both of them. My brother’s a cop, and he’s a person I will always look up to as my idol.

“Oh she’s gawna try to make shiyut up and put it online.”

When I look at this kid, I just see an innocent child being treated like absolute shit. This whole incident was just the cops getting a power high off the situation, because every answer they gave the boy and his mother is just them explaining why they’re right and the boy and his mother are wrong. I hope the family gets some kind of justice for this shit. Sure it’s just a “traffic spot”, except it’s a Violent Crimes unit, and oh the boy’s “illegal turn” was so violent they just had to rip apart his car and destroy the kid’s dinner.

Also have you ever driven home with some hot ass food, dreaming of how you’re going to go home and devour it? He probably didn’t even get to do that with all that dog slobber all over his car.

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