I love this

I'd never drive drunk, I know this about myself. I've been drunk and in a position where the easiest choice would have been to drive many times but I've always chosen to either call a friend or call a cab. I don't feel attacked when I see drunk driving ads because even though the ad is targeted at everyone I know that I don't need to feel singled out. I know this because I know myself and therefore I know that the ad isn't targeted at me.

When people speak about rape and teaching people not to rape it shouldn't affect you. You shouldn't feel attacked. You shouldn't feel singled out. If you do feel attacked though, it might be time to take a good look at yourself and ask yourself why. Don't get angry at the message. Don't act out. Don't throw a fit. Just ask yourself why you're reacting the way you do to a message that shouldn't make you feel singled out.

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