I love the COLUMBUS Blue Jackets

Yeah. The deal with Precourt is heartbreaking. A lot of folks are talking FC Cincinnati, and I love them, too. I would have loved an in state rivalry, even though I wouldn't have been able to pick a side. Though Springfield is fifteen minutes closer to Columbus, being close to Dayton means Cincy sports territory. I shouldn't care about that because I hate football and baseball, but that the southwestern part of the state has its own character makes FC Cincinnati at least an equal draw for me.

I don't think they'll get the expansion bid, though, and I almost fear that as a bad thing if they did, seeing what has transpired with the Crew. Soccer and hockey are my sports, anathema as it may be for an Ohioan to not like the three more popular ones. I really hope the Jackets never move. Now that I'm not a teenager who wants to be anywhere but Ohio, I'm really trying to rally behind our home teams on the sports I do like.

End of soapbox. On the plus side, the Jackets are kicking ass and have done it again. So, I owe them some thanks for giving my sports day a silver lining. Fire the cannon! The first two games on this home stretch are looking like they'll be fun to watch. The Bolts and Kings are doing well, so it should be entertaining. Am I the only one who wishes we were getting a match with the Devils soon? I'd like to see a definitive settling on who owns the division for now.

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