Love Fest Friday

I read something on r/relationship yesterday that made me think of my ex boyfried and I eanted to tell my story. We met online and everything was perfect from the first day on. We really clicked and had so much in common. We spent weekends together at his place, but he was wotking 12 to 14 hours a day at his family business, so we rearly saw each other on a weekday. After 2 to 3 months he started something new at his firm and I helped him with some excel work. He had less and less time for me since he had to work during the weekend because of lots of new custumers. I was very understanding at first, but then he also stopped calling me and didn't always pick up when I called him. When he had time for me, it was perfect. After 5 months or so he said he got a huge project. I wasn't allowed to speak about it to people outside of my family since it was a business secret. Ok, I get that. But at that time everything he told me began to sound a bit off - his business expanded so rapidly, it was weird, but since he never lied to me before, I believed him. We broke up soon after and decided to stay in touch and start dating again when the project hit off and he will have more time. According to him, he also had to travel a lot, so he couldn't keep a relationship with me. I was devastated, but uderstood him and suplorted him all along. We went for a drink a couple of times for the next half a year. During that time I got a feeling that something is odd and started to really listen to his words carefully to spot some contradictions, but there weren't many. I still got to check some things and foud out most of his stories about his expanding business were a lie. I felt really stupid to not noticing what he was doing. He played me and my family - they loved him and believed him. The saddest thing is I don't really know what else was a lie... I told him I know he lied to me, but he said he didn't. I stolled all contact with him.

Now I have a great boyfriend who lives with me and is very open to me, we fight sometimes but I couldn't be happier. I learned a lesson and I'm more careful now about beleiving other people.

The only thing I would like from my ex is to know why. Why he lied? I guess I will never know...

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