Why is 'Love Jihad' a thing only after 2014?

  1. No one has solid evidence but it is heavily suppressed. Everything that happened during that rule, think about it, why would people reveal things? But if you have multiple people claiming that and circulars talking about that, then it is probably true. Besides, considering everything he has done and got his name on a road on the capital of the country, it isn't very wrong to assume he didn't do that.

  2. Nope it does not get covered, it is made to disappear. How many news have you seen bring up the Bangladesh war? How many of you know the number of bombs dropped in syria? How many of you hate Saddam Hussain? Bengal famines > Nazi killings? You are reading media controlled by the west about people supported by the west, you aren't gonna see much, doesn't mean it didn't happen.

  3. I won't get into particular cases but if you are honestly claiming there are 0 cases with love jihad aspect, you are plain retarded.

  4. No she could not. The laws favour women cuz they understand it's almost impossible for women to come out and claim that their husband is a piece of shit. Very few women actually go to court.

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