Love Live related games and stuff

For me, as much as i'd like to buy SIP, I do not own a PSP so I really don't have a reason to buy it.

And hmm.. Love Live-related merchandise huh.

  • Love Live Weiss Schwarz deck(played WS solely for Love Live cards) consisting of the Storm in Lover duo and Kotori - Yes, limiting myself to these three cause they are my current top 3! ・u・

Bought a bunch of singles from people for collection like the Umi, Kotori, Eli and Maki PRs from the Love Live Vol.2 booster box because I love the outfit of Dancing Stars On Me and also they look so cute in the illustrations of those cards! I'm using Umi sleeves and deck case for my current deck, and also have the Love Live Vol.2 card sleeves featuring the Year 2s from gold/silver point campaign which I have no plans of using yet.

  • A bunch of figures like the Sore wa Bokutachi no Kiseki version Kotori and Minalinsky nendoroid petits(unfortunately the rest don't look cute to me so I didn't get them), racequeen Kotori + the exclusive postcard that comes with it and a couple of Umi figures by ChibiKyun and ColourColle. I'm also waiting for Umi nendoroid's preorder to start - Just 8 more days! ^v^

  • Clear files(I don't know why did I buy these??) featuring SIF JP for having their first, second and third million players and Love Live x Sega campaign Dancing Stars On Me ver. Umi.

  • A bunch of long posters(tatepos) while trying to hunt for tatepos ver.2 Umi. Gave up trying and eventually got ver.1, 2 and 3 from a local Love Live merch facebook group.

  • Rubber straps! Also have a bunch of these while trying to get Umi straps. Umi almost never appears in almost everything that requires luck from random box pulls(like individual boxes from a whole set of nendoroid petits/long posters/rubber straps). Eventually traded the Nico strap I got for Umi to complete my animal ver. soldier game trio rubber strap set.

  • Umi School Idol Diary. I have no idea why I bought this as well because I can't read it. Probably only because it has Umi in it. ・u・

  • Artworks of others(doujinshi?). Posters, stickers, phone straps and other random stuffs of my favourite trio and Kotori.

And I guess that's all of my collection from the time I got introduced to Love Live! which was like last year during May.. but probably more to come.. in.. the.. future.. RIP savings and wallet

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