Have to love the maturity of players in this game. Teammate destroying my base.

This is one of the reasons I only play CoH2 rarely anymore.

I've been playing multiplayer games since the dawn of the Internet, mostly first-person shooters like QuakeWorld, CS, Day of Defeat, Battlefield 1942/2/BC2, etc, and nothing has ever compared to the amount of sheer bitter vitriol that people in this game spew over the tiniest of things.

I think about it sometimes, maybe most people are (by the great majority) fine with being shot or losing in an FPS game because when they're bested, they can say "Well the other team had players with better reflexes, tryhards with twitch memory" and put it out of their mind. But with a game like Company of Heroes, a strategy game that's slow enough to be based more on tactical positioning and knowledge than APM, there carries an implicit message when you're bested that you were out-thunk, you weren't playing intelligent enough to beat your opponent, and that type of thing hurts peoples' ego, even if they're not fully cognizant of it.

And so players who can't take that, or believe too strongly in their own superiority? They take it out on their teammates or their opponents. You'll get shit thrown at you like "call-in noob," just as a defense mechanism because the person can't handle the fact that they were outplayed and out-thought by someone using such a predictable metagame. They weren't good enough so they have to cheapen the impact of their opponent's win. It's the same with blaming teammates, they don't want the loss to reflect on their perceived worth, so they rip apart their teammates for being idiots.

It's childish and stupid, but it's rampant in CoH2. I think it's how personal matches are, you're going up against a maximum of four opponents, so it's a lot less easy to diffuse your responsibility when you don't have a large team with which to do so.

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