I love my boyfriend, so why am I thinking about another guy?

That’s not what I was saying at all, so I guess I must’ve worded this poorly.

I’m saying I love my bf and that I’m not going to break up with him. I never once said I plan on pursuing the other guy. I literally said that I don’t know if I should stop talking to him (other guy) or not because I got a weird feeling and idk what it means because I never have weird feelings.

That’s it. I never once said I’m going to cheat or that I’m considering moving on. All I’m asking is if these feelings are normal when you engage with new people or not. Because if they aren’t, I will stop talking to the guy. Which I also said at the end. I’m really not sure where you got any of those ideas.

Either way, I appreciate what you said about my boyfriend. You’re right, he’s a great guy. And I’d never jeopardize what we have for anyone.

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