Love my wife, but losing attraction

I hear you man. My marriage kinda died after 2 years because of the weight thing. My wife was super slimt and fit when we met and fell in love. 2 years later, she has gained 30 KILOS and no matter what advice or motivation I give her, she won't eating crap like bananas (full of sugar) and junk food and I go to the gym daily since 8 years if you look at us you'd be shocked we're husband/wife. My ding dong doesn't even stand anymore, it's not about love, I just don't have any sexual attraction anymore. What I am saying is, this weight thing is more serious than we might think and something has to be done before its too late. The more this drags, the harder it is to get back into shape. Just imagine as you mentioned when she has kids, metabolism is slower due to age, house chores and taking care of the baby?

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