I love PCMR but the M1 has some strong points

I really like my M1 and it's a fantastic work, task-crunching machine. However, it's not good enough for gaming. The average performance in games is abysmal and you are "stuck" within a limited library on top of having to scale down settings to a really low quality to avoid thermal throttling and other issues. (This doesn't mean that there isn't a nice library of games available for it but it's limited and in my case it's not enough.)

What the M1 does for me is to inspire me because we have gone so far ahead that a compact, fanless machine like the one in the Air can deliver great performance for productivity.

I feel that I want to integrate that in my own custom builds as well; compact, clean, and well-performing. With that in mind, I recently made a new ITX build using old parts (A 1070 being the 'old part') and buying some new ones. (5900X, 16 GB 3600 CL14, and a non self-imploding platinum SFX PSU from Corsair) While throwing them in to a NR200P case. Perhaps I wouldn't have been as inspired to make a clean & compact build if it weren't for the M1.

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