I love this show, but I almost couldn't finish watching Ocarina

i can't get this comment out of my head. I had to delete my longer reply to it because i realized it was pointless.

it's the language you use. "normal everyday people." "woke." like this is some esoteric shit that apolitical would have to think hard to be mad about. "enjoy media as an adult."

it's not esoteric at all. if you've ever experienced this shit, you don't have to try to be upset by it. and when adults feel strongly about something it's normal to want to talk to other adults about it in a public forum.

i'm lucky to have never been homeless, but i've seen it happen to people close to me. for some of them it was heroin, and i blame that on people overprescribing opiates, but for most of them it was their landlords raising the fucking rent. i wasn't sitting there trying to be mad at a cartoon dude, it was reflecting real life shit back at me that i'm already mad at.

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