I love Steph, but....

I respect your opinion, but I see it as ‘21 Draymond & ‘18 Love being knowledgeable, equally productive vets that cancel each other out...’21 Wiggins being ahead of the remaining ‘18 Cavs (but w/ Jeff Green’s gm 7 performance against the Celtics might not be true because Wiggins just choked those opportunities away against the Grizzlies last night...even tho obviously Wiggins stats are better) and the rest of the ‘18 Cavs being better than the remaining ‘21 Warriors players except maybe ‘21 Poole (after the jump he seems to have taken) being equal to ‘18 Smith. Funny enough JR & Poole now both have key mistakes in big moments in common!

I feel like there tends to be a recency bias towards past supporting casts if they’re weren’t all-stars, but either way I know we each have our opinion based on what we’re watching along with trying to tie in stats into that assessment as well, and it gets complicated. I stand by not thinking Steph’s ‘21 team as a whole is close to the level that the ‘18 Cavs team was in terms of basketball acumen and ability, but that’s just one mans opinion.

KD did outplay LeBron the rest of that finals after gm 1 and he did have a losing finals record at that point, but anyone saying that still knows how good LeBron is, that he had a worse team in that finals, and is just trolling. There definitely seemed to be a hand injury too after he punched something in the locker-room lol, so idk maybe if they really thought KD was a better basketball player they should’ve factored that in along with the fact that his mountain was much easier to climb.

I digress...my point is that no one legit thought the Cavs could win that finals and the LeBron haters were ready to pounce when the inevitable occurred. So maybe he got shit, but it wasn’t a legitimate critique.

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