Lovie Smith: Jameis Winston exceeded the Bucs’ early expectations at minicamp, is "definitely a leader"

GT was probably the best team they beat, they ended up as a 3-loss team (and they are not a defensive team by any stretch of the imagination). And GT did not finish in the top-10 in the final CFP poll (they were #12), they did in the AP (#8) which doesn't count, but I will concede that one. This is undoubtedly FSU's best win of the season, even though GT does not have a strong defense (Georgia Southern and UNC each scored more on GT than FSU did).

Notre Dame (top 5 team when FSU beat them)

This is how you "make yourself look stupid", acting like beating someone as overrated as ND is some sort of quality win, ND finished with 5 losses and 6 other teams scored as much or more than FSU did on ND (including Nave, Northwestern, UNC, and USC).

For your other examples:

-Jameis did not play against Clemson, this game is not relevant

-Louisville was a 4-loss team, decent defense but FSU's offense performed about as well against them as Kentucky and Georgia did, so it is still a good win, but not all that impressive especially considering how many mistakes Jameis made to make to get behind and make that game a shootout.

-Jameis did not play that well against Oregon: he fumbled 3 times (only lost one), he had one INT tipped at the line, he got stopped on 4th and goal from the 1, and he only had 1 TD / FSU scored 20 total against a mediocre, bend-but-don't-break-style Oregon defense, despite being in shootout mode the entire game. I never said the loss was solely on him, but he made his share of mistakes and contributed to the blowout.

But you Winston-haters are so ridiculously bent on trashing the guy that you make yourself look stupid

You apologists are so delusional that you actually touted beating Notre Dame as an impressive win on Jameis' resume; if you look at his performance last year objectively, it is not very impressive considering who he played and who he played with. If FSU had played a SEC/PAC12 schedule, they probably would have lost ~4 games.

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