Low-cost dexamethasone reduces death by up to one third in hospitalised patients with severe respiratory complications of COVID-19

My father in law is a Doctor in the Philippines and has been using Dexamethasone in combination with Procaine, another generic drug as an antiviral treatment and sterilizing cure for over 30 years in the Philippines. He patented this in the US, and the patent has just recently expired. He has focused on Dengue fever due to the level of outbreak and lack of cure. He has treated 1000's of people, drastically reducing the symptoms and leaving people clinically healthy after a few treatments. Dengue is an RNA Envelope virus, as is HIV, Influenza, and Coronavirus. He has also used it on hundreds of cobra snake bite victims as a substitute for anti-venom. His hometown is roughly four hours from Manila, so normal treatments are either hard to come by or too expensive for people who live in the provinces.

My wife, who has an MPH and Public Health background, has been trying to get the combination to market in Asia for the last 8 years without much success due to lack of funding, and the lack of anyone willing to believe that the drugs had such properties. We have some laboratory research which demonstrates the mechanism of action, but it was a small scale study and wasn't peer reviewed as it was a self funded effort. At the onset of this pandemic, we sent an Executive Summary along with some clinical research we had commissioned years ago to every major health organization in the US. Never got a single reply.

Our entire family is confident this works, and I have seen the results of treatment for the other applications with my own eyes in the Philippines. I am hopeful more formal study and clinical trial will conclude the same thing, but I can't help it feel extreme sadness for what could have been in terms of the unnecessary deaths from the virus.


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