LPT - DO NOT put the boxes of the items you receive today out with the trash.

The daughter, my cousin, is now in her mid twenties. And by did not speak for almost twenty years, I mean that she went from a normal, verbal child to refusing to speak to anyone with the exception of her therapist and my younger sister, who was her own age, for twenty years. Even now she will not speak to you unless she feels you've earned her trust. Her older brother is a remarkably talented and intelligent young man--in fact, he recently graduated with honors from a prominent university in America. But Kelly was absolutely devastated. Keep in mind that Wendy, in between stints in jail (she served five years in the state pen for the whole 'selling her daughter into sex slavery' incident), was given free reign to continue tormenting and abusing the children well until their mid teens, when my Uncle finally stepped up as a man and a parent and kicked Wendy to the curb. Most families have a "black sheep", per se, but David was ostracized long ago for his refusal to put his children first in this horrific situation. For years we lost touch with the family; Wendy convinced David that she would get her act together, but only if he quit associating with us--claiming that our lack of empathy for a child abusing crack head was causing her to perpetually relapse. The straw that finally broke the camel's back, for David, was when he came home early and caught her in bed with her dealer--and Wendy's response was to literally stab him in the back with a hunting knife, steal his wallet and his keys, and flee the scene. She made it across several states before she was finally caught. During this period of time she and her dealer / lover picked up a stash of meth from who knows where and were caught transporting it--hence the final charge that resulted in a ten year vacation in the pokey. It is a shame to our family to be related to trash such as David--someone who allowed his own children to be tormented and abused simply so he could continue to indulge his strange obsession with this woman.

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