LPT: Always remember; no reaction IS a reactiom.

I'll break your conclusion down into 4 parts because I can't pick one which is the most off.

"You literally think" - I don't even know why you said "literally" but it sounds like you're trying to escalate the situation.

"the worst possible" - I said the pettiest, not worst. Don't twist my statements.

"victim shaming" - I said victim blaming. OP said he got hurt by someone who childishly commented on his smelly shit, you blamed OP for having had a smelly shit in the first place.

"is making fun of some fat shit for having smelly shits" - this sounds like you're admitting to making fun of OP instead of providing an alternative view on his situation.

The irony is that your toxicity smells worse than OP's shit. To use your own words - "I would be mortified if my [mental] bowel movements were so abhorrent that random people were commenting on them."

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