LPT: Take a few days to familiarize yourself with a spreadsheet app (e.g., MS Excel, Google Sheets). The uses are endless for school, the office, life, and other people will think you're a wizard.

I had a job once as an intern that consisted essentially of looking up news on a topic, and saving a link and description of the item together with basic metadata like the date. It was entered, of course, into an Excel spreadsheet--but it was really just a big table and not using any Excel features. Weekly and quarterly, we sent reports to the rest of the department, and drafting those reports took copying and pasting from the entry into Words and several rounds of e-mailing back and forth with my supervisor to change wording or fix formatting or alter what items were included.

I developed a basic Access database (probably not software I would have picked but that was asked of me) that could take all of the old spreadsheet data, allow you to enter and edit items by filling out a form, and automatically generate the reports with specified items and perfect formatting. When my internship ended I left instructions for how to use it.

I heard a few months later that they immediately went back to doing it the old way.

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