LPT: Look for tiny cleaning jobs that you can do while waiting for something else to happen. Empty the dishwasher while waiting for tea water to boil; wipe down the counter while the microwave is going

Great tip!

On running hot water...

I was recently told that there are still girls who are literally missing out on education because of the shortage in clean water supplies in their areas (i.e. they have to go and get water rather than going to school). Someone was telling me off for leaving a tap running and I hadn't realised how badly this issue penetrates into those societies. Makes me think twice now and I've done a bunch of research since.

Sadly water, whilst being one of our most precious commodities, is still one of the least invested in industries relating to sustainable development goals despite it impacting every human and every business on this planet. Crazy times. We all need to be more considered in how we're using it given predicted rates of displacement over coming decades.

Sorry to get so heavy - is a great tip!

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