LPT: If you’re out or at a party and someone says they’re not drinking don’t ask them why, it may be for a very personal or medical reason that they don’t want to explain in a group setting.

Medications can help insane people maintain a level of sanity. Alcohol can make sane people maintain a level of insanity. You don't medicate sane people as if they're insane, unless you're in charge of the MK-Ultra project. That is why I don't drink.

Besides, I do all the stupid impulsive stuff daily even without that. All it takes is for a problem in front of me to require a lengthy fix when obeying all safety protocols and I'll likely concoct some ingenious plan (Read: I'm going to test Darwin's Theory, again) that will save me a lot of time as long as I can endure a moment or two of pain. I'm not sure of exact numbers but as far as I know there should be very few (if any) successes in those circumstances. Though on the plus side I did learn things like when the flesh is burned by something hot enough (and quickly enough) it feels very cold, though I'd have to attempt it again to verify I think that might be the nerves being cauterized.

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