LPT (Loseit Pro Tip) If your weight has stalled or increased for several weeks it's better to assume it's your caloric intake before you assume it's a plateau, hormones, "starvation mode," or any such other issue.

No you and a small handful of ppl feel the need to exaggerate and fabricate nonsense to stop having to be accountable for the personal issues you have. You continue to speak in an overly assertive and demeaning fashion to supplest your opinion in lieu of facts. You might run-over and bully others to shut up and thus make you feel confident in being correct but you have supplied nothing of reputation, nothing from a peer reviewed medical journal w a high impact factor. Nothing but online fad diet/exercise plans and hot air.

You're either a troll or a bully; either way, I wont kowtow to your baseless, fact-less, viable citation-less nonsense.

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