LPT: More DUI's occur the morning AFTER NYE than at night. Be careful on the roads and sidewalks. If you wake up groggy, you are still impaired.

You don't need gold. Gold is strictly for giving reddit money for server uptime. You get it as a reward for making a donation or for someone making a donation on your behalf. Why would they give it to you for free? Why do you even want it? You basically get access to /r/lounge or whatever and that is it, and that sub is basically satire (or at least I really hope it is) with people acting like billionaires because they have gold. Gold isn't something to have to be gifted. You can buy gold for yourself. It used to only be something you bought for yourself. Then they allowed people to give it as gifts, but there wasn't a button for it under each comment. Now there's a button under every comment to gift gold, so people think it's only supposed to be a gift. They think it's a mega-upvote, but it's not. It's just a donation to reddit on your behalf. It's literally worthless to everyone but reddit. You get very few benefits from it, and those few benefits are almost entirely worthless. You get to view more comments on a submission without having to physically click a button to load more. That's worthless because it just makes you have to click one less time, and how many times do you actually click the "load more comments" button? It also gives you access to a sub that's seriously nothing but "I got gold I feel rich lol" posts. Why would you ever, ever ask for gold other than to pretend it's actually something useful? Even if people weren't boycotting Pao, there is absolutely nothing to make gold worth asking for or aching to have. I've had gold and it is literally nothing I didn't already have except a sub that I visited once and scoffed at and never visited again. You never even realize you have gold except for the one notification you get saying "a user just gave you gold". People only want gold to feel validated for making a "witty" comment, and it's fucking ridiculous. I don't even care about this whole Pao fiasco, I just think Reddit Gold is the stupidest shit ever, and actually asking for it or actively trying to get someone to give it to you instead of spending $3 and buying it for yourself is even more stupid. Just buy it for yourself, realize you just wasted $3 to have a trophy on your profile page for three months and nothing else, then shut the hell up about it.

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