LPT: Not everyone has loving parents, and insisting that their parents really love them is only going to trigger that person.

I wasn't trolling... nor hating.

Just simply responding honestly to the question in your title.

BUT... judging from the level of intensity of your response... I'm suddenly guessing there might be something in your background that happened to you?

However, if so, then didn't see any mention of that in the title.


I still honestly do think that if someone keeps finding themselves getting triggered by annoyingly common cliche sayings, advice, and others playing arm chair psychologist, then they should just do 2 things:

1) Try to change the subject.

2) Or, if that doesn't work, just walk away. (And be sure to ditch any friend

Anyways... this conservation seems kinda pointless, and... well... I think it triggered something really instense inadvertently...

So... probably best I just walk away from this comment stream...

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