LPT: Parents, if you ever have a kid with a birthday on or around a holiday, go out of your way to differentiate between them.

My son's is the 29th. This week has been rough. Can barely make rent, and a week ago a 16 yo hit me and totaled my car when he pulled out from my right to make a u-turn.

No car, no work, and just depressing pain. I'm lucky I have good friends to help fill the gap and get me to doctors appointments since the accident.

My son said "I don't need presents mommy, I'm glad you didn't die. Please, I don't want you to get hit again, and I just want us to be safe. "

He has nightmare every night about getting into an accident.

His uncle sent him some really cool stem toys, but it just breaks my heart I have nothing to get him this year now.

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