LPT Request: How to overcome fear of getting blood drawn?

I used to be needle-phobic but knew I had to get over it when I got into med school.

I started going to donate blood and used mindfulness and breathing techniques to normalise the experience. I got a bit dizzy the first time, but don't get faint or care at all now. And I can stick them in other people without passing out, which is kinda key.

The problem is that healthy people get blood taken so infrequently that they never overcome their fear. I very rarely meet an older or chronic patient who has the luxury of needle phobia.. it becomes their normal.

The more fuss you make psychologically, the worse you'll panic as well. Tell yourself the same reassuring things you'd tell a child who needs their bloods done - e.g. "it'll be over fast, it's necessary for your health, we can do something else after, you'll get used to it over time".

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