LPT: Some of your friends need to be explicitly invited to stuff

This is me. I will absolutely not show up unless specifically invited and even then it’s not real likely.

This comes from being excluded a lot when I was a kid. I was fat and people were embarrassed to have me around. I didn’t understand that at the time so I was always confused why I would get left out so I was always at a loss as to why. Got older and slimmed up and people never understood why I didn’t just show up. It’s carried over into adulthood and I’m often convinced people just tolerate me and that my presence isn’t wanted. Im aware of what the problem is now, I just don’t want to fix it any more. It’s who I am at this point.

Don’t do this shit to kids. Don’t let your kids do this shit to other kids. Outside of my wife and children I have no friends. I don’t associate with co workers outside of work. I have a sister I talk to occasionally but I don’t associate with my family. I have no idea what people think of me - I am unable to “read the room” as they say so I just assume the room is against me and I go away. As I’ve gotten older, my desire to be liked and my presence wanted has fallen away - I no longer even care if people want to be around me. I don’t want to be around them and I’m so far from anything normal but have no desire to work on it. I’m ok and content but I go through “dips” as I call them. In recent years these dips have become intense. Im well aware that I may not make it out of one of these some day.

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