<----------Number of people who dont mind The_Donald is leaving Reddit

I'm seeing a lot of "WHY AREN'T THEY BANNED YET????"

you people are ridiculous.

To open: Hi! I'm a poster from /r/The_Donald. So, in case you haven't noticed, we don't give a shit about reddit. You guys got your stupid "/r/The_Donald is hurting my feelings" hide-bar, and you got reddit to change the algorithm so you don't see us AND they enforce special rules on our subreddit. Yet all of you on the other hand just want to talk about us. Every thread of every subreddit. And why? You don't even have to see us unless you fucking want to. So by now you must have realized you're exactly how we're living on here on the front page? You guys link directly to posts from the sub. Has that ever occurred to you? Just something to think about.

The reason reddit lets us stay is because they cannot afford to lose us. Check it out. As I type this, we have 35,000+ people online at our subreddit. You guys have 58,602 subscribers total. Not to mention, /u/spez said we have "an insane amount of activity" there. If we go, so to does a fuck ton of ad revenue.

They utterly despise us, but if /r/The_Donald leaves think about how terrible that would look for them? Reddit banning the support sub for the President of the United States? Huh. Isn't reddit supposed to allow free discussion so long as it doesn't violate the law? The largest pro-Trump forum on the Internet would be a massive loss for them on so many levels.

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