[LTC][PC][NA] Looking to Coach and analyze replays

Ok, I'm gonna go through this and analyze your play, but also your position in relation to your teammates, and vice versa. I'll use youtube timestamps rather than the clock in game.

0:10 this is a small thing, but right off the start you want to spend as little time off ball cam as possible, try to keep in on long enough to line up with the boost, then look back at the play. The reason is because sometimes kickoffs go wrong for reasons other than your teammate missing the ball. By the time you turned on the ball cam, the ball could have been already flying into your net, but it wasn't.

0:34 this is a rotational issue but it was also just unfortunate that your teammate got stuck on the post. When you're driving back to the net like that, you're moving into the "third man" position while the first player (tedward in this situation) goes for the ball, then the second man supports the first man. So you should have gone wide to the left post on your screen and turned right towards the ball, anticipating to either move forward behind your two teammates or make a save if they are unable to stop the ball before that. Instead you sortof cut straight to first man on the ball. In this particular situation it is just an accident that tedward happened to not get to the ball in time, all while your other teammate got stuck in the net. If you were on the wide third man rotation you might have saved the shot.

1:07 is your positioning. You either want to go further up the field closer to blue net to support your teammate who has the ball (first man), as you being the second man, or you want to go further back and let your other trailing teammate mr. punch go second man while you be the third. When you go directly beside a teammate it makes it hard for either of you to make a good play, no matter where he or you hit the ball

1:10 both you and Punch ended up out of position and blue was able to send the ball past both of you. Try to anticipate the play and watch who will hit the ball next. If the ball is moving towards a blue player and its obvious they will hit the ball next, then you need either a player to be there challenging the ball in a 50/50, or you need to turn around and go play defence at a later point where you can hit the ball. At 1:10 you're in the "no man's land" where you can't defend OR challenge the ball due to your distance from it when blue hits it.

1:16 you're too far in the corner so you're going to want to rotate behind your teammates who have a better angle at the ball here. Before you turned you can see that your teammates went to net, so that means they can make an easier turn with a better angle and hit the ball better. And in the mean time you move behind them and protect the net should they not make a good play with the ball.

1:27 there's no need to be so far back. You can see that blue can't make a big clear and your teammate is closing in on the ball. Farthest back you should be here is the midfield line, as the third man though, so you're anticipating the ball to go behind you towards your net and you can save it. But if the ball isn't cleared then you have a chance to make a play with the ball. If you had been closer here then you could've had a nice shot or pass off the back board much sooner. In a higher level game you would not have had enough time to drive towards that ball and hit it when you were so far back. The higher up you go the tighter these distances become. You don't want to give your opponent space to reach the ball before you and make a play, but you also don't want to be so close that they have a chance to just shoot it over your head.

2:59 once your teammate whiffs the ball, you should make sure that blue isn't closer to the ball than you are before you rush at it. Of course sometimes you don't see them until you're already committing, and thats fine. In this situation if you saw blue going for that ball then you should stay back, but if you already started going by the time you saw him, then its best to just keep going and try to challenge the ball. Then you hope for a favourable 50/50.

3:16 your teammate shouldn't have hit that

3:20 you're rotating well here. This is the general concept behind rotation that applies in most situations. When you get higher and higher in ranks it just becomes understood who should go for the ball next and rotation is more complex than circling around everywhere all the time. But in this situation your rotation is perfect.

3:23 tedward should have been rotating behind you like you rotated behind them at 3:20. He should not have gone for that ball.

3:31 you should have continued to the far post that's off screen and circled around. Then you have a clearer view of the play and a much easier save to make.

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