LTR said she wants to watch me with other women. What are you thoughts?

You or anybody else have Never felt driven to get sexual with someone you aren’t attracted To. Even when you open your laptop and jerk off to porn... you’re sitting there with your dick in your hand clicking links until you find a smoke show doing whatever it is you like.

I’m OP. Anyway....but that’s the point, I have. My sex drive is independent from how attracted I am to someone. I’ve always wanted to have sex the same amount whether I’m dating someone who’s a 9 or a 4. When I watch porn it usually has nothing to do with how attractive anyone in the scene is and depends on the actual ‘act’ I want to watch. 80% of the time I don’t find the person I’m watching even remotely attractive. Also, the whole jerking off thing, a lot of people do that without any stimuli. What would explain the sex drive then? I’ve jerked off before without even imaging anything or anyone.

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