Lucasfilm hires the YouTube deepfaker who put its Luke, Leia and Tarkin cameos to shame

I've seen some of their videos, and to be honest, they sometimes tend to take very tedious and naive approaches to certain effects, which gets worse results and is harder to tweak in the same amount of time as other approaches.

For instance, in the "modern" terminator T1000 prison bars effect, the guy keyframe-animates a lattice deformer by hand, to depress and restore Robert Patrick's face when that could be driven much more easily in a number of other ways instead of having to manually control the positions of dozens of lattice points over time.

I've worked as a Professional FX TD for 10 years, and I always try to do avoid having to manually control stuff like that because you'll never get it looking correct in a reasonable amount of time.

If I was doing a lattice-deformer-based approach like that (I really wouldn't use a 3d grid lattice though, I'd just use a polygonal cage derived from a simplified model of the head), I'd just animate the whole deformer at once and then procedurally lag the position of the deformer points based on a distance lookup per-frame to the prison bar mesh (this is fairly computationally cheap). And then I'd only have to adjust a single curve (or set of parameter sliders) to control the speed and timing of how the points lag and restore to their reference configuration and another curve to control the amplitude of the lag based distance to the bars (since you only want points that get close to the bars or the ones that pass through them to lag behind the reference configuration).

I don't know how long it would take to do that in blender or C4D, but in Houdini I could set something like that up in an hour or less. And then spend the rest of the time just focusing on getting the lag/restore timing curve and distance falloff curve looking good instead of having to mess around with loads of keyframes on dozens of curves to achieve a similar effect.

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