Lucky/GC/DPP Paid orders review

(Note: 12/28 is the date lol...)

So here's the review on LadyLuck/Glacier/DPP

This is not my format it's /u/cobolthug but too hard to pass up.

  1. Ordering & Shipping

Rating: ★★★★ Product(s): U-47700 2G an additional 1.22 grams of U-47700 was given along with 150mg/10ml vial etizolam free due to shipping issues with glacier

Ordering with this vendor was flawless. Ordered on 12/21 paid same night.

Shipping is when I ran into a problem. Was promised to ship by Glacier on Tuesday, but it didn't ship until /u/ladylucklabs took over it was shipped express on Thursday night. But it came as promised. Way overweight and with an extra goodie added.

  1. Communication

Rating: ★★★★★, easy and consistent communication primarily in the evening hours and at night time.

  1. Packaging

Rating: ★★★★★

Very stealthy. Shipped in a metallic bag, sealed inside of a padded envelope put into the express envelope provided by usps.

  1. Product

Rating: ★★★★★ 3.22 g U-47700 (+/-2mg) & 150mg etizolam vial 150mg/10ml and a 1cc oral syringe.

Visual: Clumpy snow white U-47700, tests incredibly well in the lab. Not caustic by any length of stretch.

Etizolam: Professional vial, no fibers (another user ran into this)

  1. Conclusion

The price cannot be beat. Despite the initial hiccups with shipping if this vendor continues on the path that they are on and continues to deliver a high quality product with great shipping times and customer service I will continue to be a customer.

I am very grateful for the extras that were thrown into the package.

And as long as things are kept up the way this order went and improve with shipping. This vendor will be an A+ vendor here like many others.

Thank you /u/ladylucklabs

Overall rating 19 / 20 stars, 96.2%

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