Luke On Dark Side Glass...

Now you're just projecting your own viewpoints onto, remember, a series directed at children so they'll buy merchandise.

Lucas said long ago that Star Wars is a classical "good vs evil" meld of Eastern and Western influences. Nothing more, nothing less. Yoda can do no wrong; Palpatine can do no good. Darth Vader is a heroic warrior, hardened from war, who becomes a despot. That's a story oft-repeated in the 20th century, from dictators to bad Presidents (take note, that star Wars came out 3 years after Nixon). Vader turns "good" again because he loves his son. Easy. Roll credits.

Luke ain't gonna break. He's cynical. But he's still the avatar of all that is good in the universe. The First Order is a rehash of the past, but muddier. The bad guys are bad, but some of them are just confused. This story isn't really so weird. The idea that the dark side feeds passion and the light aide feeds mindfulness is the core of the story. That's zen Buddhism, essentially. Whoever thinks there will somehow be a "middle road" that's anything less than the Jedi with marriage is kidding themselves.

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