lust .

Its so sad. The churches have misused matthew 5:28 so much and puts so much fear in people. Sexual attraction IS normal and healthy, there is NO sin in that. Jesus was talking about ADULTERY. Which means sleeping with someone else's wife, but He said if you LUST for a women, you already commited it in your heart. So that means if you fantasize and lust for someome other than your spouse, it is adultery. Its not so hard to understand. Am I saying that you can go around having sexual thoughts about anyone? No. But God gave us physical attraction for a reason and made the oppisite sex attractive to us, He does not want us to walk with our heads down in shame thinking we are not even allowed to notice an attractive women! Again I am NOT saying its okay to fantasise about women and linger on sexual thoughts, that is sin, but to find the oppisite sex attractive is fine, even if you get turned on, that is literally your body working the way it should be. Its biological. But leave it there. Dont linger on it and start fantasising and think about what you want to do in bed with her, and do not go on google looking at images of women the whole day, because it can lead to sin.

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