This lvl 500 and his posse member were not ready fir my return after griefing me :)

"Closer to an aim bot than aim assist" sure makes it sound like your trying to call me out for being something im not. Next time you want to make an aim assist joke, do better than to borderline say im a hacker, I've been having kids call me a hacker since I was 15 god damn years old playing games so nah bro I ain't got no chill with folks like you. If you got a funny aim assist joke than say it, id love to hear it im sure it'll be a good laugh. But fuck outta here with that aimbot crap, my whole message feed on Xbox is full of baby ragers complaining. It's a video game, you win some, you lose some. You dont like aim assist that's cool, but dont try covering your ass with this one bro, i know what you were implying and honestly no aim assist joke is funnier than someone complaining about aimbots on a game that isnt even on the PC yet :)

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