Lyle hates Zach and Chris copypasta

You can tell from the Croc video there's unwarranted amounts of hostility between the hosts. Almost everything out of Lyle's mouth is some kind of passive aggressive remark, while Zach is knowingly poking Lyle to get his back up.

Zach is constantly interrupting and correcting Lyle, and Lyle is clearly fed up with it. Every single time Lyle does his thing where he pretends to ask a question to discuss something he finds interesting, or how he's so unique and special, Zach just demeans him. Zach and Chris don't give a shit about anything Lyle has to say and ignore him the majority of the time he attempts to make a joke. The only time they laugh involving Lyle is when he's the butt of the joke.

Lyle obviously doesn't enjoy being the joke in the group. He tries to constantly cultivate his online persona and sees himself as some kind of ad-safe product. His humor doesn't mesh with the other two at all which cases this awkward rift in the group. Zach thinks he's above this channel. He clearly thinks let's plays are retarded and with his humor coming from his contempt for both let's play tropes and the audience. Lyle doesn't approve of this and is noticeably offended at Zach doing a parody of him and his peers.

Lyle's contempt shows through the most when he brings up Worm Odyssey, Croc Wiki, and the Gobbo titsthing. He's obviously annoyed that Zach constantly asks the fans to do embarrassing shit for his amusement. He brings up how someone actually made a Worm Odyssey game and both Zach and Oney didn't give a shit. He calls them out on the leaving the links and promising to feature things in the next video, because Lyle is annoyedof them constantly getting the fans to do things and not even getting acknowledge for it. With #Gobbotits Lyle obviously knows how retarded and cringe it sounds. He wants nothing to do with it since he's obviously above it. His problem is he won't say anything because he wants to be apart of the Oneyplays cult to boost his bullshit persona. Zach and Oney are playing to have fun it's pretty obvious. Regardless of what you may think about the whole Croc Wiki vandalism it's obviously just friends having fun on the couch. Lyle doesn't fit with that because of him being a product and Zach is constantly calling him out on it. Lyle constantly brings up what the audience might think about what is being said or the progress on the game. Zach clearly doesn't give a shit because he's just having fun with his friend Chris and has no interest in play the game correctly. He explicitly calls out Lyle twice. Once when he's in the tube in Croc, and a second time in Spider-Man. Watch the Ladybug fight in Croc. The whole time Lyle is saying what to do and they act like he's not even there.

By far the most awkward thing is when Zach essentially strong arms Lyleinto saying Gobbotits. Lyle doesn't find it funny in anyway and would rather not say it. Zach sees that and basically implies Lyle is raping a women until he forces Lyle to go on and on about Gobbotits.

It all just creates the most awkward mix. There's nothing pleasant about these three interacting in anyway. It's all so hostile it creates and fosters a negative environment.

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