I’m 13 and want to get into comic book collecting. This subreddit makes it seem really cool. I don’t know where to start to get my first comics, or what to look for. Any help is appreciated.

Depends on what you like! You should see if there’s a comic store in your area. If not, maybe think about what characters or teams you like. Daredevil? The X-Men? Green Lantern? Or maybe you might like indie comics that cover a wide range of genres from thrillers to horror to science fiction to drama. At that point a Google search can direct you to different stories related to what you might like. Then you have several options for reading - a comic store, a bookstore, your library, mail order from websites like Midtown Comics, or digital reading on platforms like ComiXology.

A good sampler if you’re interested in DC or Marvel would be their respective comics reading services. If you have a phone or better yet a tablet of some kind, you could get a free trial for Marvel Unlimited or DC Universe. Then you have quite literally thousands of comics to read at your leisure.

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