i’m (18f) very confused about what to do in my relationship with my boyfriend (18m) since we’re so young and i’m waiting for sex

Okay to be fair whatever that I’m saying here you can take with a grain of salt cause I’m literally younger and I’ve never been into a relationship but uhhhhhh oop

Anyway,you don’t need to rush things,seriously. In where I’m from, premarital sex is a big no-no and well personally I think the same. You see,after y’all are married,it means both of you are in a life commitment hm? So go ahead. But before that,there’s still a chance you might break up(touch wood) so I feel that you should only give your body to one guy in your entire life because it’s dedication in some sense to whoever you’ll be with in the future:)

He seems like a great guy,he’s willing to wait patiently so you don’t have to rush it hm? If he goes back on his word than he’s a frickin clown. So just take it slow hm?

I hope this helps>_<!!

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