M/25/5’8” [155>130ish] 5 years later, 5 years no alcohol or drugs!

I’m not usually one to post, but I’m a long time lurker and find so much inspiration to be gained from this sub. So I figured I’d share!

Got clean from a heroin habit that nearly killed me, and now my life is beyond my wildest dreams.

At this point in my life I’m trying to focus on my health, following a plant-based diet for the past year. Seeing all of your wonderful transformations has motivated me to focus on my physical health and fitness, and start good habits while I’m young.

More of a full length pic of myself. I would never believe that there would be a point where I wasn’t completely insecure with my self-image, but not using has completely changed that.

If anyone reading is struggling, feel free to message me.

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