I’m (26F) so angry at my boyfriend (32M) because he isn’t ready to get married or have kids

When I was 19 years old I had a relationship with a guy for over 3 years. 3 years isn't even enough for youngsters to really get to know each other as you keep developing in everything. Around that last year he proposed to me. I'm cringing already by the thought because of all the unrealistic expectations I had at the time. Proposing, living together, not fully knowing what kind of person he was due to all the life changes and goals that keeps changing at the time. I wasn't ready. I too was expecting things to happen once you're engaged. Not having kids but moving in together and being together 24/7. Apparently it's supposed to be such a wonderful thing full of clouds and unicorn poop. Nope. I guarantee it's exactly the same. Your guy doesn't instantly change into a loyal dog just because you get engaged. Being married doesn't really do anything at all except cause expectations towards everyone. Trust me , my aunt has been married 5 times. Your guy won't turn brainwashed and even when married still can decide wether he wants to quit or not. Marrying to think someone will stay with you just because you have a ring is wrong. Getting babies for the sake of being a "happy family" when you're not actually happy is also wrong. You should marry when you feel absolute trust and safe in your relationship. Actually. You should marry when you think marrying someone is just another small step to your relationship because you're already content you'll be together for years to come. It shouldn't be something "big" as you believe it is. It's just a small achievement in your life.

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