(M/36) Doctor told me today that I have to stop drinking immediately or she'll stop prescribing me crucial meds. Looks like it's time to go cold turkey. How should I prep?

For me I got the shakes for the first few days. And then I got a headaches for about 2 weeks. The mood swings were terrible. So it's really important to do like a lot of holistic healthy s***... Not necessarily hippie crap but just as in taking care of your whole body and mind together. so exercise will help you elevate your mood because it'll give you endorphins and dopamine Rushes that you won't be getting from alcohol anymore. Plus you'll have lots of time on your hands.

Meditation can really help you to calm yourself when things get stressful and to do preventive mood work so you don't fly off the handle. But the most important thing about meditation is it really puts you in touch with how you feel about things (which as a drinker youve probably been avoiding for a really long time) so that you don't just get pissed and react without thinking.

Get sleep. You may find that your body feels hungover, or like you had a huge workout the day before when wake up. That's just your body healing itself, it takes a lot out of you and you'll feel a lot of aches and pains and s***. Drink water, fluids, find a new drink to pound. If you miss spending $5 on a drink, get a smoothie or a super healthy juice.

Get good food. good healthy food is important because it's going to strengthen your body and it'll make you feel good. If you eat a bunch of fatty sugary b******* what's going to happen is your mood swings are going to still be flying all over the place. So the more you can eat healthy good-tasting food, the easier it'll be to stabilize your mood and you won't get that hangry feeling.

it's hard nowadays but get sun. Vitamin D is not only good for your mood but also good for your immune system.

Couple other things to be prepared for, a lot of things that you've been doing for fun while you were drinking may not be fun without drinking. That can leave you feeling confused and like you're having an identity crisis...("I used to be the party guy, who am I now...?") The cool thing is you can find things that are so fun without drinking, that drinking actually wrecks them. it's different for everybody, but you'll be able to take more risks and trust yourself more because you won't be f***** up.

Anyway, that's kinda what the first few weeks are like. Good luck. Stay in touch.

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