I’m about to clean this depression nest, guys help me to get morivated.

I apologise if this sounds ignorant/stupid because I know everyone experiences depression differently and it’s kind of hard to explain because this was in my teens and I’m 27 now and years past it. I saw cleaning my surroundings (which was a lot messier) as a metaphor for me trying to change my behaviour/habits to get through my depression instead of just trying to deal with it without trying to change my habits/thought process (I really had only just woken up to the fact my thought process just lead me to dread, sadness and a lack of motivation, anxiety etc). Just like me cleaning and getting into a routine of keeping it clean, It was me being conscious of trying to change those negative habits that had lead me to that position without realising it. It will take some time and effort and being conscious of those negative habits but eventually you can get to the point where those habits just become a routine. (Me being conscious that I try to think positively overtime became a habit. I talked to a friend about it years later who studied psychology and he more or less said it sounded like I used Cognitive Dissonance to get my way through it) Clean surroundings is a big win when you’ve been down because you can see it as a conscious effort to try and eliminate a negative aspect that’s in your life. Even though it may seem like a small win, day to day these will add up over time. Cleaning your room/clean room = a new beginning I hope this helps, I was hesitant to write this because I know depression is never straight forward and requires different things for different people. I haven’t gone back to it because I’ve learnt I need to be conscious of how and why I can be content with routine and habits but for a lot of people it just isn’t like that for them. Like I said I was in my teens but with what I’ve explained I’ve changed a lot about myself In those years from my mental to my physical health and other aspects of my life but it took small things like this in a day to day sense to amount to that

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