I’m about to be commuting 2.5h for work everyday, I need a LOT of recommendations.

The Dream - mlms and the mindfulness industry

Uncover season one: escaping nxivm - follows mainly one woman and her experience in a cult

I'm not a monster - an american woman who took her kids to syria and joined isis

Bad batch - corrupt doctors and drug companies

Gangster capitalism - college admission scandal and nra corruption

Fake heiress - woman who tricked new York into thinking she was super rich

Hunting warhead - brutal, but excellent pod exposing pedophiles on the internet

Land of the giants - each season goes into a big tech company like netflix, google

We crashed: rise and fall of wework - interesting look into the tech unicorn

The mysterious mr epstein - self explanatory

The shrink next door - another about a con man and swindling money from unsuspecting folk

The dropout - elizabeth holmes and how she made up science and became a billionaire

Cold - true crime, season one was really good, they just started season 2

Serial - the original true crime worth a listen if you haven't yet

Dirty john - another con man, true crime story. Netflix made it into a tv show

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