I’m an ER nurse and I’m scared

I think it's become very similar to the military industrial complex, where things are hugely overbilled in order to justify expenditures that get cancelled if not used. It's criminal, in my eyes, and very, very wrong, particularly for an industry (I call it the medical industry at this point) that is supposed to be centered around the patient and ethical consideration.

There is a reason that socialized medicine won't fly in the US, and it completely ignores the narrative at the individual level. All the arguments about co-pays and taxation and the talking points like that are moot because of the massive amounts of money funneled to lawmakers by those companies adjacent to healthcare to keep things rotating as usual.

We're in trouble. If anyone things we are out of the water when this pandemic dissipates, they are ignorant to the fact that viruses (the significant causative agent in outbreaks) are replete and ubiquitous in the natural world, and we have gone far beyond encroaching on their territory. This will happen again; we were already overdue on this one. Whether or not we find ourselves again in this pickle will be a factor of whether or not we've learned anything this time around. I'm not optimistic.

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