So I’m an ES major, and I’m, like many others, getting super fucked over by the school of public health by their constant changing of the program. I let the advisors have a peace of my mind today :)

Yeah, if I’m not mistaken there was a big change with the Medical Ethics class and how that factored into the 3+3 curriculum as of last semester.

I’m also fairly sure this was the big one too. How you can still get your ES degree in those 3 Pre PT years if you take like 1 or 2 extra classes.

SOL anyone who made schedules being told “nope there’s no way to get that ES degree”. Imo my advisor saved my ass.

Not a damn email about that. Luckily my advisor told me what was up, but shit. An email would’ve saved everyone a lot of time.

Not that it’s the advisor’s fault per say, but don’t feel bad about complaining. It’s bullshit that they aren’t very clear about how to contact the higher ups, and let the advisors get bitched out with all these complaints that are more/less not the advisor’s fault.

TBH if your advisor/whoever is in charge for you in touch with the board member, it means they were looking out for your interests, and in assuming that’s who you gotta complain to?

It’s shot.

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