I’m black and I hate affirmative action

I'm Asian, and I have to say that I feel the opposite against me. I've kind of given up so I didn't apply to any ivy league schools because I wouldn't get in and cost.

For example, I was salutatorian, perfect gpa, in clubs and extracurriculars, started a club, played a sport, attended a summer program at MIT, and took 6 AP courses and got all A/A+... Didn't get into any of the top UCs or Stanford... I got into Georgia tech and I was super happy about it but I did feel slightly cheated because I know that the admissions process isn't blind.

A friend of mine with similar stats didn't get in to another top school, and when asked why, the school told her that they don't make enough money and would lose money by admitting her and giving her a scholarship, so they accepted someone else with more money.

Stuff like that pisses me off

But whatever.. it is what it is. I decided to just attend a state school to save money and although it might be tougher, I'll still make it because I'm self-motivated.

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