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I normally didn't use the shelter. By and large shelters are dangerous. Furthermore, I panhandled with a sign which is 100 percent legal in most places. Addtionally, before I became homeless I was a disability advocate and helped get disabled children out of situation where they were held against their will. I wrote some public policy and also helped with IEP's. Thanks for being condesending though. How proper of you, do you see the inherent discrimination here. So please don't treat me like I never paid taxes, I paid my fair share of taxes until I developed a severe diabilitating depression, anxiety and other issues. I used alcohol to treat and drugs to treat it after awhile. Yep not the wisest choice. Its one I made, and wish I had never made.

Being sober did bother me some in jail. You know what bothered me more being strip searched, treated like garbage, denied the mental healthcare I needed. You see in jail a psychiatrist wasn't on hand at the ready, so I ended up not on my meds for upto 30 days before I got 10 minutes with a psychiatrist. Furthermore, I loved the fact everyone in jail is treated like they're guilty prior to trial. All for having alcohol and smoking in public. Also lots of homeless people get disability payments or retirement even. So many times I was given alcohol or cigarettes by other homeless folks. Matters not, I should be treated like the most dispicable person in the world for having a habit and sleeping on a sidewalk. BTW a sidewalk I helped pay for when I did work.

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